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Faced with government transphobia,



25 mai – Nous ne nous laisserons pas faire!

May 25th - We won't let this happen!

On May 25, starting at 8 a.m., let's join the counter-protest to defend the humanity of trans youth!

Cette contre-manifestation est une réponse au rassemblement organisé par Ensemble pour protéger nos enfants, un groupe qui s’oppose à «l’idéologie de genre» et à l’enseignement de l’éducation sexuelle dans les écoles sous le douteux prétexte de défendre les «droits parentaux», c’est-à-dire le contrôle des parents sur leurs enfants. C’est ce même groupe qui avait organisé les manifestations transphobes du 20 septembre et 21 octobre derniers. Leur rassemblement a lieu à 9h, arrivons avant elleux!

CHANGEMENT DE LIEU – 4 mai, queer bloc party

NEW LOCATION - May 4th, queer bloc party

While the liberated zone of the McGill encampement will celebrate its first week of existence this saturday, we wanted to modify a bit our event to offer them our support!

Join us on saturday at 2 pm in front of the camp to eat free food, to talk about your militant perspectives and to celebrate the strength of our collective resistance!

We reject the pinkwashing that wants to oppose us to the liberation of Palestine in the face of Israel's genocide and colonialisim. We refuse that our identities be instrumentalise by the states and the right to uphold their violent projects.

1er juin – Mobilisation pro-choix à Québec

June 1st - Pro-choice mobilisation in Quebec City

Nous ne serons pas sages supports and relays the invitation to join the counter-demonstration for abortion rights in response to the anti-choice rally to be held in Quebec City on June 1. This counter-demonstration is an initiative of the Riposte committee, a coalition of community groups, organizations and unions initiated by the Fédération du Québec pour le planning des naissances (FQPN).

We demand trans liberation. In doing so, we aim to build a world that welcomes diversity and defends the right to bodily autonomy. We also want to create a society that supports people in exploring and affirming their gender. We believe that freeing ourselves from the imposition of strict gender binary is beneficial for the whole population, cis and trans alike. We will continue to fight for a world that does not sow discomfort, unease, and hatred, but nurtures joy and euphoria. 

We call for a movement against the CAQ and its committee of so-called “wisemen.”

Upcoming Events

4 mai, à partir de 14h, Devant le campement McGill :
Queer Block Party

19 mai, heure et lieu à venir :
Public mobilization assembly

1er juin, 11h45, Place de la Francophonie (Québec) :
Mobilisation pro-choix

More dates to come!

Are you also organizing actions against the "comité de sages"? Contact us so we can share them and add them to the calendar!