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Look back at the protest + opening speech + pictures!

Yesterday, nearly 1,000 people gathered to demonstrate against the Comité de sages. Spring was in the air, and the energy was combative, colorful, queer and festive! At the starting point, in front of 600 Fullum Street (Ministère de la famille), we could admire the slogans postered around the area for the occasion, most likely the work of the extraordinary collective Collages féminicides Montréal. On the other side of the bike path, behind the police, 3 or 4 sad opponents had come to revive their memories of last October's big counter-demonstration. 

The demonstration stopped in front of the Radio-Canada building for a second speech. It should be remembered that Radio-Canada recently produced a report that gave pride of place to transphobic conservative speeches, without any scientific or journalistic rigor. From the number of police protecting the building's main entrance, it was clear that Radio-Canada had not forgotten this report.

On a ensuite terminé notre trajet à la Place des Arts. Cette première grande manif de Nous ne serons pas sages a été un succès, et ce ne sera pas la dernière!

Here we publish the opening speech, a collective effort by the coalition. The other two speeches will be published in the coming days.

Opening speech

Hello comrades, everyone, welcome and thank you for being here today! 

We're here on unceded territory, of which the Kanienkeha:ka nation is the guardian. 
Today we gather on this land to fight for the rights of trans and gender diverse people.

Le 5 décembre dernier, le gouvernement de la CAQ a annoncé la création d’un «comité de sages» sur l’identité de genre. En créant ce comité, la CAQ a fait le choix d’emboiter le pas au backlash politique ciblant les personnes trans d’ici et d’ailleurs. 

The government gave in to the media and moral panic that questions our lives themselves and jeopardizes the conditions for our fulfillment, our safety, and well-being. 

This committee is an obvious nod to the latest wave of transphobia happening on this continent and elsewhere. it's obvious that this committee is meant to question the recent legal and social advances, particularly in schools and workplaces, just like any other recent reactionary campaign we've seen in the last decade.

La CAQ veut «rassurer» sa base avec ses prétendues «sages décisions» et son expertise à deux cennes. Mais pour les personnes trans, c’est une question d’intégrité physique et mentale. Ce prétendu débat affecte notre existence au quotidien. 

We are here today because we know we must fight this wise-whatever committee and the reactionary government that created it. We're fighting for liberation, for trans and nonbinary euphoria!

We demand the immediate dissolution of the comité de sages!

Because it's made up of 3 cisgender persons with known connections to transphobic persons and organizations.
Because we refuse to let the rise of state-sanctioned transphobia spead
But especially because we refuse that non-trans people be considered more reliable sources than us when it comes to our lives. We know what's best for our communities. 

Wisdom and expertise are experiential, first and foremost. 
We won't allow our wisdom and our expertise to be put, once again, under State or medical guardianship!
we demand that our knowledges and experiences be, not only listened to, but also truly heard.
Non seulement prises «au sérieux», mais aussi mises au centre de toute décision qui nous concerne.

Nos identités et nos existences ne sont pas des «problèmes» ou des «sujets de débat». Nos vies sont valides. Et elles sont vivables, car nous les vivons.

We urge everyone to intervene wherever they can, in private and public spaces, online and offline to curb all manifestations of transphobia.

Euphoria for trans and nonbinary people is more euphoria for everyone!

Against this attack on our lives and against everyone's self-determination, we stand up, we fight back!

A few pictures

Vous pouvez aussi consulter les photos dans l’album d’André Querry